Why Become A Future Developer?

Do you feel like your students need a break from school work? Well, we do too...so we do not teach like a normal class. We provide hands-on experiences that will give your student the knowledge to master tech fields as they grow. We can help give your student an interest in programming, website development, graphic design and so much more.

We have friends in various businesses that speak to our kids about everything tech and our developers give hands-on lessons using real-world scenarios and tools.

Enroll now and start your student on a path to their career this summer.

3 Weeks, 3 Days A Week, 2 Hours A Day

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Lessons Covered

  • Python Programming
  • Raspberry Pi Build / Setup
  • PC / Phone Repair and Build
  • ...as well as informative speakers

Age Range


(with the exception of gifted youngsters)

What Does It Cost?

$100 Per Student

This covers the entire 3 week (2 hours per day, 3 days a week) camp, the Raspberry Pi device they will learn on and any other costs that may pop up. Unfortnately, they cannot keep the devices because they will be used for future students...take it like it is a donation for OUR KID'S futures.

Why Pay?

We are working on becoming a non-profit, but for the time being we would like to offer our camp to students, but it costs money to get started.

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How It Helps?

We will use your tuition to pay for a Raspberry Pi device that will be used to teach your student and future students. We will also apply your tuition to the lessons and materials needed for the lessons (such as parts for a RC car they can program) and lastly our "graduation" party. Our team will be donating our time but every penny we can get to help is much appreciated.

Enroll Your Kids

$100 Per Child

Do you have plans for your student's future? If not, enroll them in our three week class and let our team teach your student about programming, graphic design, computer and phone troubleshooting and so much more. Let them become a Future Developer.

Date and Times

Summer 2017 Schedule (June 5th - 23rd)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Friday, June 23rd - Graduation Day! 6-7pm

Beginner Classes: 9-11am

Advanced Classes: 3-5pm

Don't know which class to sign up for? Please give us a call or reach out to us on Facebook and we will help you decide. We can be reached Monday - Friday from 10am to 5pm by calling 228-219-9313.

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Online Enrollment Closed

If you are still interested in enrolling in our Summer 2017 Camp, please call Eric @ 228-219-9313 to check on the status of open spots.

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